Opening of Ant Genera of the World
October 1, 2009, 12:01 am
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Well, here is the first post of Ant Genera of the World’ blog edition. This blog is related to the website:

On Ant Genera of the World, the website, we present our maps of distribution of the 297 extant genera of ants. On this blog, I will present the new updates made on the maps, the new genera added (5 new genera have been described since we launch the website last April, pretty impressive!), the acknowledgments to contributors and to all the people that have play a major role in this project (I can start now with a first thank you), and any other topics related to our knowledge on ants distribution.

Since we started the website, the 5th May 2009, we have received a lot of supportive messages and many people have expressed their interests for such maps. Well, this is to me the best reward to know that this work has been and will be helpful to the myrmecologist community.

Before to start will the different posts, I would like to give some special acknowledgments for those of you who have helped to add data, to correct some mistakes, or who provided me with literature.  Thank you so much for your contribution.


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Just wanted to add my thanks for the Ant Genera of the World site – it is a wonderful resource!

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