October 8, 2009, 3:16 pm
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450. That’s not the title of a neo peplum for body-builders, but the number of new generic records that have been added to our database, and so to the maps, since we started the website last May.

This has been possible thanks to the help of some myrmecologists that sent me papers that I did not know (thank you!), new articles published, such as a list of the ants of Tabasco  (Del Toro et al. 2009), and also because I tried to track deep into some journals and books to find some more data (I don’t want to read anymore Chinese book on ants for the next week). Add to this, 5 new genera that have been described, and you get the count. I should not forget to add a few records from Laos that one of undergrad student (I wish everyone to have one like her working with you) brought me back from a trip she did in Asia.

The good thing about it, is that most of them had been predicted to be present (blue on maps) in the previous version, several were uncertain, and for one of them was predicted as absent (shame on me, but 1 on 450 it is 0.2% of mistake, so it is not that bad).

The changes concern 135 genera (about 45% of the extant genera), and the maps are now updated on the website!

Hopefully, in a few months, I could make a post untitled 500!


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