October 17, 2009, 1:30 pm
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I have to say, that Internet is a fantastic tool (that’s obvious, I know) to look for articles and records. However, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating.  Here is why.

Now that the maps are done (even if they are still evolving), I like once in a while, or often, to try to track some interpolations that I have made (in blue), to see if eventually they could turn as a real record (in green). Usually, the research in Google is straight forward. Imagine to search for Amblyopone in Algeria (which I am still looking for), and Google scholar will return 13 links (which unfortunately did not work ). Now let’s imagine that you want to look for Azteca in Yucatan, and this time, you will see 4860 results which have nothing to do with myrmecology, but more with History (fabulous subject but pointless in my research). Ahhhhh Misere!

Hopefully, this is very rare, and as Azteca was described in 1878, by the Swiss myrmecologist August Forel, I think I can forgive him 🙂 . Especially if I add Formicidae into my Google research which turn to give me finally only 43 results. So everything is doing well, and let’s the genera hunting continue in the abyss of Internet.


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I always found a little bothersome that Azteca ants occur mostly in the ancient Maya and Inca regions, rather than Aztec. But yes, it was 1878 and the label on the specimens Forel examined only said “Mexico”.

Hey, you have a blog!

Comment by Roberto Keller

Thank you Roberto for this first comment! I enjoy your blog a lot too.

I have a lot of updates to do on this one concerning my favorite links. For sure, your blog will be in the next update.

Comment by generant

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